Managed Virtual Website Application Networks



TrueTour™ Technology from Visiting Media is an entirely new way to promote your business.  A TrueTour™uses the power three dimensional media coupled with web content to help your business target new clients in a big way!  This new form of media is more viral than two dimensional media and has an extremely high messaging value.  As a web application, your TrueTour™ can easily be shared by users and duplicate itself all over the world wide web... you can even include it inside most paid online profiles and increase your ROI (, etc.).  Like an electronic billboard that multiplies over time, your TrueTour™ network can dramatically expand your brand reach.  A TrueTour™ is NOT a virtual tour!  

Your TrueTour™ software is regularly updated and always current; it will will work on nearly any browser or mobile device.  TrueTour™ clients can easily update content in real time across their entire TrueTour™ network making this a highly effective online digital brochure solution.  When networked together, TrueTour™ applications form extremely  compelling media databases.  We call these databases large scale projects and are currently building large scale project networks for a number of industries (wedding and event facilities, wineries, neighborhood associations, cities, travel destinations and more).   

You can own a TrueTour™ and begin building your messaging network for less than you might think.  Here are a few businesses that already use managed virtual web application network technology and resource organization that support it:,, Travel Portland, The Willamette Valley Wineries Association, Coast Hotels, The Benson Hotel, Marriot, Hilton Hotels, Timberline Lodge, McMenamins Restaurants, Landry's Corporation, The Heathman Hotel, Restaurants Unlimited, Henry's Tavern, Portland City Grill, Jamison Restaurant, Bridgeport Brewery, Mt. Hood Meadows, Cooper Spur Resort, Jakes Catering, The Allison Inn and Spa, Bravo Publications, Portland Centers for the Performing Arts, Willakenzie Winery, Vista Hills Vinyard, Stoller Vineyard, De Ponte Cellars, The Abernethy Center, The Aerie at Eagle Landing, The Foundry at Oswego Pointe, Powers Photography Studios, and more than 1000 other businesses nationwide!

We're changing the way the WORLD visits!